“Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was just thrilled to receive the cutters yesterday.  I had to pinch myself.  They are wonderful.  I love the new case and how the cutter fits in so perfectly.  I love the large numbers on the cutter heads. I love that the cutter is so much lighter in weight. I just love it all.” – Norma, With Hook In Hand, Dennis, MA
Ordering Note: While most orders are shipping sooner, please allow us up to one week to process and ship your order. Currently, orders from outside the 48 continental United States cannot be submitted through our website, and you will need to submit them via phone, fax or email.

A note about the long, or “Kitmaker”, cassettes:  Longs, or “Kitmakers”, use the same cutting machine, they just cut more strips at a time.  They require the user to switch to the Long Plates on the cutter body, and due to the increased number of parts and components on the longer cassettes, they will tend to run tighter than the standard blades.